Media Star Power FAQs

What are the biggest mistakes people make when talking to the media?

Should I hire a media coach?

How much does media coaching cost?

What if I make a mistake and misspeak?

What if a reporter asks a question and I don’t know how to answer?

Q. What are the biggest mistakes people make when talking to the media?

A. There are quite a few. We’ll just cover two of the biggest ones. Lack of preparation is number one. Media interviews are not the place to “wing it.” Some people are over-confident and tell us, “Oh, I’m good at adlibbing.” We put our clients through an exercise of asking questions they never thought about—most people don’t think like a reporter. They appear hesitant and unknowledgeable at best.  They don’t answer the question and their confidence is shaken.

Tip: Never under estimate the value of being prepared no matter how well you know your subject or how good you are at adlibbing.

Another major mistake people make is sounding like a commercial or a paid advertisement. The media looks for news. Ask yourself what is newsworthy about your story? How will your information help people? Do you have a solution to a problem? Is your topic timely?

Tip: No matter how excited you are about the story and your message, keep the viewer, the listener or the reader in mind. A professional media coach will help you get your messages across without sounding like a commercial.

Q. Should I hire a media coach?

A. It depends on the situation. If it is a one-time community event or a similar soft story, it probably won’t warrant professional media coaching. The Media Coaching Kit will answer this question more in depth.  When you order the special bonus with two private coaching sessions we help you prepare and determine your specific goals. Your situation, time restraints or budget might not make professional media coaching feasible.  Startegic Media offers group media coaching sessions and teleseminars in addition to our private coaching.

The question to ask yourself is, if you’ve never played tennis, would you sign up for an important tennis match without professional coaching? You need to weigh the scope of the story, the results you want to achieve and the media you are targeting. Click here to learn more about what to expect from Media Coaching.

Tip: Don’t miss an opportunity to tell your story with confidence and clarity. You won’t want to chance throwing away valuable publicity, airtime or print space because you weren’t prepared. Or you don’t know how to stay on message and provide a news value. The risk is too great.

Q. How much does media coaching cost?

A. Fees will vary. In general, the more credentials, experience and professional the media coaching company the more positive the results. Fees tend to be higher for expert coaching companies who know how to help you deliver media interviews with clarity, competence, confidence and composure. The Media Coaching Kit is the best solution in regards to time and budget constraints!

Tip: Don’t retain a media coach who doesn’t have experience as a reporter, journalist or interviewer. Be aware of coaches who have never been on television, published an article or interviewed anyone for a story. Run from any media coach who tries to make you too slick or programmed.

Q. What if I make a mistake and misspeak?

A. Learning how to listen to yourself while you’re answering questions will help you catch yourself when you misspeak. Make the correction right then and continue with the interview. Don’t let it throw you off during the rest of the interview. Even the pro’s misspeak!

Q. What if a reporter asks a question I don’t know how to answer.

A. If you are prepared and understand the process of answering questions, you’ll know how to answer most of the questions you will be asked. If you can’t provide an answer simply say, “I don’t know the answer to that question, but I will get it for you. (And follow-up with it.) What I can tell you right now is… “It isn’t a sin to not know an answer.” However, if you are positioning yourself as an expert in your field, you don’t want to be in the position of not knowing the answers to many questions.

Tip:  Prepare not just the questions, but how you will answer them. You want to develop mindset of a reporter. Remember they are story tellers and they want the facts.

You’ll find more answers to your questions in The Media Coaching Kit.

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