Judy Jernudd

Former television newscaster and TV Talk Show personality Judy Jernudd is the CEO of Startegic Media in Beverly Hills, California.  She is the author of Media Star Power, a keynote speaker and personal development coach. Prior to launching into television, Judy began her media career in public relations. She shares her exceptional blend of experiences from both sides of the camera to help her clients achieve extraordinary media success.

Judy has interviewed or met some of the world’s most media savvy people including Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, Larry King and Oprah Winfrey. She’s learned what makes a media favorite. She shows you what it takes to develop your own media star power.

Judy understands the value of positioning yourself in the media. It is one of the fastest methods to build your brand and your business. Her clients include CEOs, executives, professionals, service providers, entrepreneurs, politicians, speakers and authors.

“Many guests who appeared on my shows were not quite ready for prime time. They were unprepared, nervous and didn’t ‘shine.’ Some barely survived. I knew that someday I would be in a position to teach people how to excel in their media interviews and enjoy the process.”
–Judy Jernudd